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Wedding Bridal Prep This post we will talk about the beginning of your wedding day - The Prep. Your wedding photographer will be the only hired service to be with you throughout your wedding day, in most cases from morning to night. When you hire Zeny Photography for your wedding it is up to us to tell your story in photos as we capture your day from prep, to ceremony to reception. We love capturing the prep time and to help us capture the best possible photos are a few things that will help.

  • Allot enough time for us to capture your prep. Ideally we would like to spend about 1.5 to 2 hours capturing your prep.
  • Brides, please have your hair & makeup done first. This will allow us the time to capture you in a few poses before you put on your dress as everyone else is finishing their hair and makeup.
  • Have your best man or maid of honor get all the details ready when we arrive.  Wedding Prep
    1. For the bride that means, Shoes, rings, jewelry, garter, veil, wedding dress, and bouquet.  If there are any other special things the bride would like us to photograph for example a special locket, please let us know.
    2. For the groom - shoes, tie, watch, rings, cuff links, etc.
  • Have immediate family members around especially parents.
  • Keep the amount of people in the room to a minimum - too many people in the room can be stressful for the bride and it will slow us down.
  • Keep rooms clean for both the bride and groom.  This will save us time from moving things around or capturing the clutter in the background of the images.
  • If possible purchase a custom hanger for your wedding dress.  It adds a nice little touch when we are photographing your wedding dress on the hanger.

Wedding Prep Wedding Prep Wedding Prep Wedding Prep Wedding Prep Wedding Prep



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