Should you do a First Look? Yes

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First Look Do you plan on having a First LOOK?

First Looks are done before the ceremony at a specific location either at the venue, hotel or a park.  This is a special time where you and your husband-to-be can spend some alone time together.  How it's done: We set up your future husband to wait at the agreed upon location, you walk up to his back.  Tap his shoulder and he turns around and you both share a beautiful moment together.

Advantages of First Looks:

  • This is the time of day that both bride & groom will look their freshest.

  • This will be a special moment of the day where you will be alone.  You and your partner will share an honest and raw moment together as you both see each other for the first time.

  • First Look It will lift the weight and calm the nerves.  After you complete the first look we see that the couples calm down and seem less stressed.  The rest of the day will be a breeze.

  • The first look will be an opportunity for us to capture more beautiful images with the extra time.

  • Most times we will be able to complete the Bridal Party, family and bridal portraits.  This frees you up after the ceremony for cocktail hour.
  • With a first look the couple can spend more time at cocktail hour rather than spending time away taking photos.
  • Gives us more time with the couple - you will now have some extra time without rushing for some portraits around the beautiful venue you booked without the hassle of looking for your uncle or aunt or members of the bridal party.

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