Went out and photographed a few Swimming Pools

October 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We went out and photographed a few swimming pools for a company in NY that will be used for their websites, marketing material, award entries and  archiving.

Photographing a swimming pool might sound easy but it can be a challenge.  Here are a few things/tips to consider to get the most out of your shoot.

Pool & Yard Prep

  1. Clean up in and around the pool - remove leaves that might be in the pool, remove the pool vacuum before you take any photos.
  2. Wet the decking around the pool and any landscaping - this gives a little more contrast and can add some nice reflections.  If taking photos in mid summer this can be a challenge since the deck will dry quickly and you will have some wet areas and dry areas.  
  3. Remove any toys and clutter in yard that might appear in photo

Camera Gear

  1. -Wide angle lens - I use canon gear so in these photos I went with a 17-24 L f4 lens.  
  2. Must use tripod
  3. Ladder to get higher angle shots
  4. ND Filter - I use B&W 3 Stop ND Filter - When there is too much ambient light and you want to smooth out the water fall in a pool then an ND filter is a must.
  5. Flash - in the early evening or night shots there may be dark areas around the pool that you will have to use off camera flash.  You will take 3 or four exposures then overlay them in photoshop.
  6.  Use different angles - I always walk around the pool and see what angle looks best.  I will then take photos from those angles that I liked.  


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